JAN 2016

O Lugar das Coisas
Acrylic and Pencil on Paper
40 x 50 cm

Lives and works in Lisbon. BA in Painting (2012) and Communication Design (2008) at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. Artist selected for several art competitions, such as Jovens Criadores 2012 (Cascais), Art < 30 2012 (Sala Parés, Galeria Trama, Barcelona), XVI Call (Galéria Luis Adelantado, 2015, Valencia). Was a resident artist at the 17th Cerveira Biennial (2013) and Budapest Galéria (Lisbon Budapest Interchange Program, 2014). In 2015, exhibited the project Desenhos Longos, at Galeria Quadrum, Lisbon. Continues working in painting and drawing, focusing on the playful articulation of lines, forms and surfaces.