20 NOV TO 20 DEC 2015


Beings and bodies from earth and heaven constructs a narrative, diluted between the documental and the fictional in which the artist presents a group of drawings, a book and a video. The slow and meditative character of the works has been flowing along the time, as if each drawing would lead to the next one giving a pretext for a journey through time and go back to Christian mysticism while entering into dialogue with St. John of the Cross (Co-founder of the Discalced Carmelites with Saint Teresa of Avila, Spain, XVI century).

Reflection on the sky as metaphor for the body while energy container.

"The light that comes through the window at noon • when I walk or fall or arise • is the same that has always entered • even when my eyes don't feel or perceive it • as the quality or quantity of this light • is not in me but in the emanated light itself • and if my eyes pause • to savour it at any moment in time • the light shall penetrate all my being • and emanate everything I can learn or apprehend • and then the window • or the light • or the light's source • can or cannot be • a metaphor for my body • which shall transmit light • I repeat . not depending on my desire • but on letting me open to light • because if I close myself • the light is there anyway • but it is as if it wouldn't be present • in order to enlighten my being • and all other beings and bodies from earth and heaven • and let them turn into a lamp • but if everything is connected and blended • then turns into an unending chain • which heats and transforms everything • from one state to another state • still to be known • the same way it happens with time • because the light that comes through the window at noon • when I walk or I fall or I arise • is the same that …".

Rosário Rebello de Andrade