Mónica Mindelis’ oeuvre is a unique exploration of the representation of aesthetic sensations, being most notable for its appropriation and proficient use of a pictorial language rooted in the 20th century.

Her work is characterised by an eclecticism, in which the techniques of abstraction co-exist with the random collection of urban images where the artist can glimpse ready-made paintings; where the expressionist, emotive gesture cohabits alongside a thought springing from the depths she finds in everyday landscapes; where research into the “patch” enters into dialogue with textures born from an imaginary frottage.

Mónica Mindelis’ painting is a process of construction. The pictorial structure springs from the initial exploration of the patch which incorporates the movements and images that the artist, as a flâneuse, absorbs from urban life. Each work is the result of an initial step towards the empty space of the canvas where its components gradually appear. The process is continued until the canvas reaches its moment of completion. Such a conclusion is reached on finding a balance between the most daring and the most subtle elements, on achieving the desired tension.