I work essentially with drawing and painting, touching upon themes that revolve around the concept of identity, and basing myself on three concepts: place, memory and the body. I see place as the container of memory and identity.

The city, as an architectural element, is understood as an instrument of memory, directly entering into the definition of collective memory that I defend. It is the memory that is based on spatial images of architectural places, on the spaces of the city and on architectural landscapes.

The prime aim of my work is observation: I consider that the creative process is closely linked to the visual process, to the capacity to see and the possibility of formulating judgements about things. And it is mainly developed around drawing.

I chose to use drawing due to its primary and elementary ability to represent, associated with its mythical status as the first and most immediate form of creating images, its intimacy, informality, immediacy, subjectivity, memory and narrative.

Drawing, through its loose association with personal unfettered expression, is the medium through which the past has often spoken most clearly and directly.1