My work exists under the context of the present moment, fruit of the experience of the here and now, refusing any pre-deterministic logic therefore opening space for it to simply happen. Video, photography, and installation are some of the tools I use as means of expression, working on the conception of objects that do not always undergo a transformation but by simply using them out of context and metaphorically.

I create, believing that art is the path less obstructed to experiencing, which taps in to that millionth of a second prior to the impulse to create barriers and create concepts, that I call the truth.

“ (…) a work of art is irreducible to a simple thing explainable through the connection matterform, because it has this capacity to exhibit a truth. A truth located in time and space which is at every instant of a determined world and earth.”

(Michel Haar, interpreting the reflections of Martin Heidegger in – The origin of the work of art)